CIS 450-550 Syllabus

IN PROGRESS and Subject to change.  Lecture notes will be posted on the day of the lecture.

Topics Lecture Notes Assigned Readings
1/11 Introduction Textbook Ch 1
Supplemental reading: “SQL for Web Nerds” Introduction
1/16 Practicum: Data import, cleaning and munging using Jupyter and Python
1/18 Relational model, schemas and SQL.

Homework 0 due 1/26: Data import and cleaning (this homework can be submitted one week after joining the class if you join late, and will not be counted as late)

Textbook Ch 3.1-3.3, 5.1-5.3
Supplemental reading: “SQL for Web Nerds” Simple Queries
1/23 Advanced SQL Textbook Ch 5.3-5.5
Supplemental reading: “SQL for Web Nerds”  More Complex Queries
1/25 Nulls, outer joins.


Textbook Ch 5.6

Supplemental reading: “SQL for Web Nerds”  Views

1/30 Updates and views.  Textbook Ch 3.6
2/1 Embedded SQL and the Web

Relational database design — ER modeling

Textbook Ch. 7.5-7.7

Textbook Ch 2.1-2.5, 3.1-3.6

2/6 Relational database design — ER modeling, cont

Project discussion, group formation

2/8 Relational database design — Functional dependencies, Armstrong’s Axioms Textbook Ch 19.1-3
2/13 Schema refinement and normalizationDecomposition into BNF and 3NF

Project Milestone 1:  Group membership and project idea


Textbook Ch 19.4-6


2/15 Decomposition into BCNF and 3NF (Cont.)

Updates and transactions, transactions in practice

 Textbook Ch 16.1-6
2/20 Updates and transactions, transactions in practice (cont)
2/22 Isolation levels, Storage
2/27 Storage and Indexing; B+ trees Textbook Ch. 8.1-4
3/1 B+ trees, cont. Textbook Ch. 10.3-8,
3/13 Understanding Relational Database Optimization:  Relational algebra (RA)  Ch 4.1-2
3/15 Midterm
3/20 Query processing.

Project Milestone 2:  Detailed project outline


Ch. 12.1-4, 14: 1-4

3/22 Query optimization overview Ch. 15.1, 15.3
3/27 Optimization, cont.
3/29 NoSQL Overview
4/3 Graph databases, Neo4j
4/5 Neo4j, cont.

Project Milestone 3:  Populate the database

4/10 MongoDB Basics.
4/12 MongoDB and MapReduce
4/17 Security and authorization  Ch. 21
4/19 Databases in the data science ecosystem:  Cloud databases
4/24 Course wrap-up and snack break:  Information about the final, project presentations.
TBD Project demos and evaluation

  • Location and Time TBD