January 11, 2018

Spring 2018: CIS 550 Database and Information Systems



Section 401,Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 3PM, Berger Auditorium

Section 402,Tuesday/Thursday, TBD

Office Hours  Will be updated for TAs on Piazza weekly.

  Syllabus: https://alawini.com/teaching/cis450-550/cis-450-550-syllabus/

Instructor for Section

Professor Mayur Naik


 Office: 610, Levine Hall

 Office hours: TBD

Instructor for Section


Dr. Abdu Alawini


Office: 571 Levine Hall North

Office hours: TBD

Teaching Assistants








Shivendra Pandey pshiv@seas.upenn.edu

Hari Parameswaran harip@seas.upenn.edu

Nidhi Angle vnidhi@seas.upenn.edu

Garvit Gupta garvit@seas.upenn.edu

Raunaq Abhyankar raunaq@seas.upenn.edu

Digvijay Chauhan dchauhan@seas.upenn.edu

Kashish Gupta kashishg@seas.upenn.edu

Course description Structured information is the lifeblood of commerce, government, and science today. This course provides an introduction to the broad field, covering a range of topics relating to structured data, ranging from data modeling to logical foundations and popular languages, to system implementations. We will study the theory of relational and XML data design; the basics of query languages; efficient storage of data, execution of queries and query optimization; transactions and updates; and “big data” and NoSQL systems.
Topics covered Database design, relational algebra, query languages (SQL, XQuery), views, indexing, transactions, query optimization, client-side & server-side Web development, Map/Reduce and NoSQL systems.
Format The format is two 1.5-hour lectures per week, plus assigned readings. There will be regular homework assignments, plus a team project, and two midterms.
Prerequisites For Penn undergrads and submatriculants: CIS 121.

For MCIT students: CIT 592 and 594.

For MSE CIS, EMBS, and Robo students: programming experience and mathematical maturity equivalent to the above.

Texts and readings
Grading and policies
Homework 20%Project 25%, Class Participation 5%

Midterm 1 25%, Midterm 2 25%

Collaboration on homework assignments will be allowed. Copying from the Web or from students who have taken the class in previous years will NOT be allowed.

All homework should be submitted to Canvas by its due date and time. After this it will be considered late. Late homeworks should be submitted by Monday at 11:59pm if it was due on a Saturday, or Wednesday at 11:59pm if it was due on a Monday, and will only count for half credit. After this point, homework will no longer be accepted. Everyone is allowed one free late homework without loss of credit.

Cheating on the midterm or final will be rewarded with an “F” for the class.

Other resources

Web Links

Potentially Useful Downloads

These are only necessary if you want to download software to run on your home machine. The CIS department servers and labs have Galax, Eclipse, Tomcat, and MySQL installed.


Image by Barry Mieny, Creative Commons license